For Those of You Who Are Wondering Why Someone Might Want to Launch a Class Action Lawsuit Against PublishAmerica

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

Here is an example of the sort of solicitation PublishAmerica authors receive daily (if not more often).

Dear author:

For authors with multiple titles only!

The March Madness Multi-title option is here!

We’re offering two of our most popular services for ALL of your books, for one low price!

Your own Literary Agent


Direct Book Distribution

combo package

for ALL of your books

That’s right, ALL your books, one low price, two high exposure services!

**Go to

to activate this super combo deal for only $179.

Direct Book Distribution: Bookstores that use Direct Distribution receive a bookstore discount of up to 55 pct, which is more than 10 times than what they may get elsewhere. And the books they order to carry are returnable . This means that the bookstore can return unsold copies to PublishAmerica’s direct distribution center.

Our March Madness Multi-title option will add ALL your books to our Direct Distribution system. Your local bookstore will love it. In fact, we’ll get on the phone right away to negotiate the bookstore’s first next order of of any one, or all, or your books! They will also keep their Ingram option. PublishAmerica books are non-returnable through Ingram.


Your own Literary Agent for ALL your books:

We’ll shop ALL of your books around the industry! Our literary agency department takes their job very seriously. Last year they submitted PublishAmerica books to publishers all over the nation and the world. We’ll contact publishers and urge them to take a serious, close look at every one of your books for a possible transfer of publication rights. We’ll let them know that should they be interested, we’ll clear the path and transfer the rights to them smoothly!

The average agented book was introduced to 15 other publishers in 2012. The vast majority of these are U.S. publishers, some really big; twenty percent is foreign, including countries as far away as Germany, South Africa, Australia, India, and Spain.

** Go to to activate today! You will be contacted within 48 business hours by our Special Services Department so we can begin working for your ALL of your books in earnest!

Must choose a shipping option to activate. No use of coupons is allowed.

Include ALL of your books today!

Thank you,
–PublishAmerica Special Services Team