Plan for Moving Ahead with the Bulletin

On the advice of the task force, and with the approval of the board, the president has authorized the following plan: 


As we refresh the magazine and search for a new editor, the Bulletin will be put on hiatus for a period not to exceed six months.

During the hiatus, SFWA will honor its contracts with all authors and other professionals whose work has already been accepted for publication.


SFWA will conduct a membership survey and consult advisors about the Bulletin and its future direction. Many aspects of the Bulletin will be discussed, including but not limited to: its format, its aesthetic, its content, its budget, and its inclusivity.

Once these tasks have been accomplished, we will assemble a clear outline of duties and responsibilities for the Managing Editor and open the position to interested individuals.


After the interview and hiring processes are complete, the new editor will relaunch the publication, aligning to the redefined goals and mission of the magazine.

For a period of time after relaunch, appropriate SFWA personnel will work with the editor to help ensure that the magazine meets expectations as defined in this ongoing process.


Separately, the task force would also like to announce that they are being joined by Tansy Rayner Roberts, incoming Overseas Regional Director.