The Schrödinger Sessions: A Launchpad Type Workshop for Quantum Physics

Strange, charming, beautiful, entangled particle seeks understanding and acceptance!

Chad Orzel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Union College in Schenectady, NY. He blogs about physics, life in academia, ephemeral pop culture, and anything else that catches his fancy in his column Uncertain Principles at ScienceBlogs.

He has just announced a project of particular interest to SFWA members:

“So, we’re very pleased to announce that this summer we’ll be holding “The Schrödinger Sessions: Science for Science Fiction” a workshop at the Joint Quantum Institute (a combined initiative of the University of Maryland, College Park and NIST in Gaithersburg) to provide a three-day “crash course” in quantum physics for science fiction writers. The workshop will run from Thursday, July 30 through Saturday August 1, 2015, on the Maryland campus in College Park, with housing, breakfast, and lunch included. There’s a fake schedule up on that web page, that we’ll fill once we get JQI scientists signed up, but it gives the basic idea: three days of lectures and discussions with scientists, and visits to JQI’s labs.”

The workshop is free for qualified writers with lodging and some meals provided.

As president of SFWA I  was pleased to provide a statement testifying to the potential interest our members which, apparently, was helpful in securing funding for the event.

The website for 3 day workshop is here:

The application is here:….m?usp=send_form

And a much more informative blog post by Chad on the workshop is here:  http://scienceblogs….cience-fiction/

Steven Gould, president
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America