SFWA Market Report For May

Welcome to the May edition of the SFWA Market Report. Please note: Inclusion of any market in the report below does not indicate an official endorsement by SFWA.


A Punk Rock Future


Apex Magazine
Cast of Wonders
Sword & Sorceress


Abyss & Apex
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Series
Story Seed Vault
Unidentified Funny Objects Anthology Series


Spirit’s Tincture


Cast of Wonders’s “Banned Books: Libraries” Theme (3000 word upper limit) ends soon.
PodCastle‘s Submission Window begins soon.
Story Seed Vault‘s Submission Window begins and ends soon.
Sword & Sorceress temporarily closes soon.
The Working Zealot’s Guide to Gaining Capital in Pre-Apocalyptic America – Fiction permanently closes soon.


The SFWA Market Report is compiled by David Steffen, editor of Diabolical Plots and administrator and co-founder of the Submission Grinder.  In June Diabolical Plots will publish Diabolical Plots Year Three, an ebook collection of the 24 stories published in year three on the site, including “Regarding the Robot Raccoons Attached to the Hull of My Ship” by Rachael K. Jones and Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, which was selected for Neil Clarke’s Best Science Fiction of the Year anthology.  Patreon/PayPal subscribers of $5/month or more will get a free copy by email.


2 Responses

  1. Graham J. Darling

    I really like these reports, both here and via email subscription, but why “Upcoming Market Changes” on top of the other categories? For instance, why is “Sword & Sorceress temporarily closes soon” here instead of “Sword & Sorceress” under “Temporarily Closing Markets”? While “Story Seed Vault‘s Submission Window begins and ends soon.” is here, as well as “Story Seed Vault” under “Temporarily Closing Markets” but not “Opening Markets”?

    I’m a bit confused, is all.

  2. David Steffen

    Hi Graham,

    The “Upcoming Market Changes” tells you what is expected to happen in the near future. All of the other categories tell you what has happened recently.

    “recently” here means “since the last SFWA Market Report”, so approximately a month.
    “near future” here means “for the next 5 weeks”, meant to bridge the gap to the next SFWA Market Report.

    Note that the newsletter version is a weekly report rather than a monthly report, so “recently” there is approximately a week, and “near future” is approximately 2 weeks.

    Also it’s worth noting that there is sometimes a few days between when the data is pulled and when it’s displayed.

    Regarding your examples:
    1. Sword and Sorceress.
    This report was published on May 14, the day that Sword and Sorceress temporarily closed. But because of the “sometimes there’s a few days between when the data is pulled and when it’s displayed”, S&S was scheduled to close in the near future, so showed in the “Upcoming Market Changes”, when strictly speaking it would’ve been in the other if the pulling of the data and the posting of the data were instantaneous.

    2. Story Seed Vault.
    This market is always open for half the month and closed for half the month. This means that it will generally always show up in the “Temporarily Closing” section because it closed since the last market report. This also means that it will generally always show up in the Upcoming Changes as “begins and ends soon” because it is expected to open and then close again within the next 5 week period.

    Make sense?

    David Steffen