In Memoriam: K.C. Ball

Photo: K.C. Ball

K.C. Ball suffered a fatal heart attack on August 26.  Ball attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in 2010 and Launch Pad in 2011.  She served as the publisher and editor of 10Flash Quarterly, an on-line flash fiction magazine.  She also won the Speculative Literature Foundation Older Writer Award. In 2012, her short fiction appeared in the collection Snapshots from a Black Hole and Other Oddities and her first novel, Lifting Up Veronica, was serialized on-line and published in hardcover the following year.

SFWA President Cat Rambo, who was once in a writing group with Ball, said, “She never really got the chance to ‘break out’ the way many writers do…I’m so sorry not to able to hear your voice any more, K.C. I hope your journey continues on, and that it’s as marvelous as you were.”