Call for Submissions—”Magic and Mayhem” SFWA StoryBundle

The SFWA Self-Publishing Committee is happy to announce that we are open for submissions for the next SFWA Fantasy StoryBundle. This is a great chance for our independent and small press authors to sell more books! The theme for this bundle will be “Magic and Mayhem.” While we welcome full-length fantasy novels that involve either magic or mayhem, we will give preference to stories involving the interaction between the two. Submissions will be accepted from May 20 through June 20, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.

The StoryBundle will launch October 13, 2021, and run for one month. StoryBundles are curated collections of books offered at a discounted price. Readers select what price they’d like to pay for an initial five books and can unlock up to fifteen total by contributing $15. Proceeds go to the participating authors and StoryBundle, and a small cut is donated to SFWA. 

We welcome SFWA members and nonmembers to contribute their books for consideration in the bundle. The submitted books should be novel length (>40,000 words), and they must be either a standalone read or the first in a series. Traditionally published books are welcome if the publisher agrees in writing. The book cannot be available for free/permafree; it must be priced for at least $0.99.

You must have full rights to enter the StoryBundle, and it must not be in Amazon’s KDP Select for the time that the bundle is published. All accepted novelists will be notified by July 15, 2021, so that books enrolled in Amazon KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited) will have time to be brought out of exclusivity before the bundle is released. If it is in Kindle Unlimited, please let us know in your submission query when your re-enroll date is so we can make sure to notify you before you have to make a decision to re-enroll.

To submit, email with “Magic and Mayhem StoryBundle” in the subject line. Attach both MOBI and EPUB versions of your book. Participants will be selected collectively by the SFWA Self-Publishing Committee. 

 We are looking forward to reading your submissions!

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  1. Kevin Mickel

    How does one create MOBI and EPUB files? When uploading files to Amazon for both Kindle and hard copy you use a .docx file.

    I checked the “Kindle Create” program, which you don’t need to use, and there is no option to save in either format.

    Also, do you want the book’s cover attached somehow?

    1. Bill Smith

      Unfortunately, with the Kindle Create program, the terms of service forbid you from distributing those files anywhere except Amazon.

      For my suggestions below, I am assuming you are starting from a word processing document.

      Many authors use Calibre (runs on Windows, Linux, I think Mac) to create epub and mobi programs.

      I believe modern versions of MS Word have options to export the file to epub. I believe LibreOffice is the same.

      I am a Chromebook user, so my options are limited but I have used Google Docs and exported my file to Epub: File > Download > Epub (last option)

      To create the mobi file, I use and upload my epub to convert to mobi.

      The thing to remember is that Epubs are going to “translate” your word processing document, so the fancier the word processing document gets, the more likely the Epub translation is to “choke on” and mangle it. Keep it basic — basic fonts, use styles (a heading or heading 1, b heading or heading 2, body or normal text). Don’t hand apply different formatting within paragraphs, define custom styles. (You can use bold and italic within your styles, but changing fonts, font size, justification, etc. within a style is asking for trouble — just create a new style).

      Good luck!!!

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