Announcing the SFWA Romance Committee!

The SFWA Romance Steering Committee (RSC) formed in Fall 2021. We’re pleased to introduce this new committee, its purpose, and how it can serve our membership and the SFF community! SFWA is powered through the work of dozens of committees, and we’re glad to count the RSC among their ranks.

The RSC will offer meaningful input and assistance in cultivating a positive trajectory for authors of stories that combine fantasy, science fiction, and romance in a way that encourages diversity, engagement, and quality, while also providing outreach and support resources for romance writers struggling with inclusion in the SFF community at large.

The RSC already has several projects underway to provide services and offerings to writers of romantic SFF that support their work and their career growth! Here are resources that you may find useful, if that’s you:

  • On the SFWA Discord, we’re now offering a brand-new dedicated discussion channel on romance in SFF for SFWA members.
  • The Romancing SFF series launched on the SFWA Blog in March to provide more perspectives and tips on the role of romance in speculative storytelling. The series is published once a month, and you can view the pieces published thus far here.
  • The RSC will be hosting SFF Romance community meetings with programming and networking opportunities in the future. The committee is actively seeking speakers. If you are interested in participating, please contact them at The first Romancing SFF Meetup will be scheduled this fall.

We’re looking forward to helping the more romantic side of SFF feel included and supported in SFWA!