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2023 Nebula Scholarships

SFWA will once again be offering more than 100 scholarships for members of underserved communities to attend the online conference! If you or someone you know may benefit from these scholarships, please apply or share the link. Scholarship applications must be completed on this form by April 21, 11:59pm Pacific Time.  

Here are the categories of scholarships we’re offering and the number available for each. 

  • Scholarship for Black and/or Indigenous Creators: This scholarship is open to Black and/or Indigenous creators in the United States and abroad. (quantity: 25) 
  • Scholarship for AAPI Creators: This scholarship is available to Asian creators, Asian American creators, and creators from the Pacific Islands. (quantity: 25)
  • Scholarships for Hispanic/Latinx Creators: This scholarship is available to creators with backgrounds in Spanish-speaking and/or Latin American cultures. (quantity: 25)  
  • Scholarship for Writers Based Outside of the U.S.: This scholarship is available to creators who live outside the United States. (quantity: 25)
  • Scholarship for members of the LGBTQIA+ Community: This scholarship is available to creators who identify as LGBTQIA+. (quantity: 25)

From the applicant pool, the scholarship recipients will be selected by lottery. This scholarship will be available for our online conference only, which will give access to the streamed/online conference May 12–14 and all online events for a full year. 

Our support of underserved communities isn’t possible without your help. Please consider making a donation at sfwa.org/donate to help us with the very worthy cause.