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In Memoriam – Jubilee Cho

Jubilee Cho (13 April 1998 – 06 March 2024) was a writer and dreamer, and the author of the upcoming middle grade fantasy novel Wishing Well, Wishing Well. Cho grew up near Disneyland, enamored with stories of fantastical princesses. Yearning to see herself included in such tales, she wrote her own to help give new […]

In Memoriam: James A. Moore

James A. Moore (03 September 1965 – 27 March 2024) was a prolific, versatile, and award-winning horror, dark fantasy, comic, and game writer. He crafted a diverse set of multi-media and beloved works over three decades, from his debut novel Hell-Storm through his Tides of War and Seven Forges series and including Bram Stoker Award […]

In Memoriam – Vernor Vinge

In Memoriam: Vernor Vinge Vernor Vinge (02 October 1944 – 20 March 2024) was a five-time Hugo Award winning author, credited for introducing the technological singularity. He won Hugo Awards for his breakout novel, A Fire Upon the Deep, as well as A Deepness in the Sky, Rainbows End, Fast Times at Fairmont High, and […]

In Memoriam: Tom Purdom

Tom Purdom (19 April 1936 – 14 January 2024), was a science fiction writer, a charter member of SFWA, and held two roles within the organization. He served as the Vice President from 1971-1972 and was the first SFWA Eastern Regional director from 1976-1978. Published in 1957, he wrote five science-fiction novels from 1964 to […]

In Memoriam: Sherrie R. Cronin

Sherrie R. Cronin (01 December 1954 – 23 October 2023), who also wrote as S. R. Cronin, was a science fiction and historical fantasy writer, world traveler, and dedicated volunteer.  A geophysicist by trade and extensive traveler by passion, Cronin lived in seven cities and visited forty-six countries, while staying dedicated to her writing. Cronin […]

In Memoriam: Michael F. Flynn 

Michael F. Flynn (20 December 1947–30 September 2023), who also wrote as Rowland Shew, was a prolific writer of science fiction, poetry, essays, and blogs. He used his experience as an engineer and statistician to explore the world, working the results of his constant learning and passion for debate into his fiction.  A regular in […]

In Memoriam – H. Paul Honsinger

SFWA’s In Memoriams are meant to memorialize writers through celebrating their literary legacies. Sometimes, as in this case, we do not hear about a writer’s passing at the time it happens, but we still wish to take a moment and remember them as a member of the science fiction and fantasy publishing community. H. Paul […]

In Memoriam – Nick Wood

Nick Wood (1961–June 2023) was an author dedicated to writing science fiction for social change and promoting the visibility of science fiction written by Africans. Born in what is now Zambia, he also lived in the United States and Aotearoa New Zealand before taking residence in England. Wood was raised in and considered South Africa […]

In Memoriam – Rachel Pollack

Rachel Pollack (17 August 1945 – 7 April 2023) was a prolific and groundbreaking comics and science fiction writer and world-renowned expert on the Tarot. She was known for a writing style that blended speculative fiction and spirituality, and her wide-ranging body of work included the revered tarot resource 78 Degrees Of Wisdom, the Arthur […]

In Memoriam: David Sherman

David Sherman Photo supplied by Danielle Ackley-McPhail David Sherman (27 February 1944 – 16 November 2022) was a prolific and beloved writer of science fiction and military fiction. Born in Niles, Ohio, Sherman joined the Marine Corps out of high school and served in Vietnam, receiving numerous medals and citations. Sherman then moved to Philadelphia, […]