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Quick Updates for 2011-05-24

Industry News and Member News for Paul Celmer, Natania Barron, Thomas Mays, Mary G. Thompson, Barb Hendee, Rae Carson, Rachel Graves, Diane Whiteside, Dave Gross, Ferrett Steinmetz, Stina Leicht, Eugie Foster, James Treadwell, and Sunny Moraine.

Quick Updates for 2011-03-03

Member News for Laura Ruby, Charles Oberndorf, Susan Dennard, Myke Cole, Diana Peterfreund, Julia Watts Belser, Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, Kat Howard, Larson Richard, Ryne Douglas Pearson, Arthur Dorrance, Daniel M. Kimmel, William Lawhorn, Eugie Foster, and David Levine.

Nebula Awards Interview: Eugie Foster by Charles Tan

I’ve never been inclined to play the “what genre is it?” game or to take part in the oftentimes bloodier “that’s not such-and-such genre!” debates. Genre lines are so arbitrary and, in many regards, subjective. Like, to me, horror is more contemporary in setting, mood, and character than dark fantasy, but at the same time, urban fantasies are essentially defined by their modern settings, and they tend to be quite dark, yet I don’t consider them horror.