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Quick Updates for 2010-03-02

The Nebula final ballot is now open to Active SFWAns. http://www.sfwa.org/member-links/discussion-forums/2009-nebula-final-ballot # New issue of Apex Magazine is a single author issue with fiction by SFWA member @maryrobinette http://is.gd/9spY3c # Norton nominee @malindalo talks about "On Asianness (or the lack thereof) in ASH" Very worth reading. http://bit.ly/bOHTvq # SFWA member @LAGilman has a contest to […]

Reading Aloud: Cross-gender Voices

Cross-gender voices are a tricky business. Even if you can really do a convincing cross-gender voice–and I know folks who can–the fact is that in a live reading, the audience knows that there’s only one person doing all the voices. There are two ways cross-gender voices can throw people out of listening. It’s really bad, and embarrassing, or it’s really good and shocking that a female voice is coming out of a man’s mouth. Either way, the listener drops the story for a moment.

One Week Only Sale on Slipstream Title

In celebration of Sue Lange’s upcoming appearance at the Author and a Movie event in Lansdowne, PA (Philly area), her ebook collection of previously published slipstream stories, Uncategorized, is on sale for $.99 at Smashwords. Sale ends Sunday midnight. Formats available include: pdf, mobi, epub, javascript, html, etc. Purchase the book here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7776 (Use coupon […]