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Do You Know How to Sell Your Sword?

As an author, it’s important for you to know how to sell and market your book. Because there is no shortage of books and articles on the subject, I’d like to tackle the subject of marketing your book from a more metaphorical approach. (If you’ve ever heard me speak, you should know I’m pretty big on metaphors to help you better understand topics in a different way.) In your case, I feel that it’s not only important to understand how to sell, but also understand a little bit more about a typical sales cycle.

Rights and Copyright

Copyright, literally, is “the right to copy.” It guarantees the authors of creative works–including books, artworks, films, recordings, photographs–the exclusive right for a set period of time to allow other people to copy and distribute the work, by whatever means and in whatever media currently exist. It also prohibits copying and distributing without the author’s permission. You own copyright by law, automatically, as soon your work is fixed in tangible form–i.e., the minute you write down the words.

Quick Updates for 2009-11-04

Congratulations to @BrandonSandrson who is number 1 on the New York Times hardcover fiction list. # Welcome to SFWA Active member, Elizabeth Bear. http://www.elizabethbear.com/bib.html http://bit.ly/2uPXnP # @jchutchins Why yes, yes you should. And look…is that an application in my inbox? in reply to jchutchins # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member J. C. Hutchins and […]

Quick Updates for 2009-11-01

Happy release day to @NicolePeeler and her novel Tempest Rising. http://bit.ly/21Du8E # RT @EllenKushner: Day of the Dead fest on plaza & in museum across from #wfc2009 hotel! # @stevegoldin We were very glad you were able to make the business meeting. Thanks for coming at that early hour. in reply to stevegoldin #