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RIP: Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005)

UK writer and fan Kenneth Bulmer died peacefully on December 16, 2005 following an extended period of illness. He was 84. One of science fiction’s most prolific writers, he published 165 novels and many short stories under at least 22 pseudonyms. His best know work is the Dray Prescot series written as Alan Burt Akers. […]

RIP: Chris Bunch (1943-2005)

Science Fiction and television writer, Christopher R. Bunch, passed away on Monday, July 4, 2005 following extended illness. The author and co-author of over 30 novels, Chris was a veteran of Vietnam where he served as a patrol commander and later as a correspondent for Stars & Stripes. His writing jobs following the war included […]

RIP: Bill Bowers (1943-2005)

Long time Cincinnati area fan, Bill Bowers, passed away early on April 18, 2005. Four times nominated for the Best Fanzine Hugo, his well known fanzines included Double:Bill (with Bill Mallardi) and Outworlds. He was a Guest of Honor at several science fiction conventions, including Fan Guest of Honor at the 1978 World Science Fiction […]

RIP: John Raymond Brosnan (1947-2005)

Locus Online reports that fan, fantasy novelist and Bond biographer John Raymond Brosnan was found dead in his South Harrow (UK) home several days ago. Brosnan was born in Australia, but lived in and near London for many years. His writing appeared under the names John Brosnan, James Blackstone (with John Baxter), John Raymond, Simon […]

RIP: Pierre Berton (1920-2004)

Writer, journalist and broadcaster Pierre Berton passed away Tuesday, November 30 at age 84. He wrote over 50 novels and was a long time panelist on the CBC news quiz show Front Page Challenge. Best known for for his bestsellers based on Canadian history, he also wrote the children’s fantasy, The Secret World of Og. […]

RIP: Johannes H. Berg (1956-2004)

Johannes H. Berg, Norwegian science fiction fan, died from complications of cancer on Thursday, April 29, 2004. Sometimes called Norway’s Number One fan, Berg was a conrunner and fanzine editor who was particularly known for the parties he threw at conventions around the world. One of the founders of the science fiction society Aniara in […]

RIP: Donald Barr (1921-2004)

Donald Barr, who wrote Space Relations and Planet in Arms, died of heart failure on February 5. The Connecticut resident was in a hospital in Langhorne, Pennsylvania preparing for heart surgery. Barr, age 82, was a life long educator, teaching in various departments and serving as an Assistant Dean at Columbia University before turning to […]