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7 Reasons Fiction Writers Should Sell Nonfiction

by Carol Ottolenghi This article first appeared in Speculations. Copyright © 1997 by Carol Ottolenghi. All rights reserved. Most of us, unless we’re independently wealthy, wring our writing time from those moments between job, family, and basic living obligations. So, if it’s fiction you yearn to produce, why waste any of that precious time writing […]

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No writer is an island.  Whether you’re submitting your first manuscript or negotiating film rights for your latest novel, this Information Center will help you perfect your craft and protect your interests. Advice for New Writers Manuscript Preparation (Standard Manuscript Format, Cover Letters, SASE’s) Writing Tips (How to Become a Writer, Basic Technique, Advice from Pros) Where to Submit […]

TANSTAAFL and the Novice Writer

Article by Elizabeth Moon on advice for novice writers. Novice writers have to take some responsibility for their own careers. The good information is NOT that hard to find. The novices who don’t find it–and don’t find it repeatedly–are resisting the truth.