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Eileen Gunn on SF, SFWA, and Community

Rachel Swirsky: Do you have any great stories about meeting someone at a SFWA event, or online? (And if you do, please tell them. )

Eileen Gunn: Most of my stories about SFWA events are far too scurrilous to put into print. SFWAns were not very well behaved in the Eighties and Nineties. Sit next to me at a Nebula banquet, and I might tell you some….

Guest Post: Panel Deportment and Demeanor

The problem with seeing one’s purpose on a panel as primarily that of speaking–“sharing” insights or regurgitating something recently read that relates to the subject–is that it turns panelists into lecturers. Speaking for myself, I’ve often found that the thinking, reading, and note-taking I’ve done in preparation for a panel may often have nothing to do with what the other panelists are talking about.

Interview with SFWA member L. Timmel Duchamp

With the release of her five book Marq’ssan Cycle, beginning in 2005, L. Timmel DuChamp has gained a reputation for fierce, uncompromisingly feminist writing of the same kind that has marked her short story appearances in places such as Asimov’s and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.