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Quick Updates for 2011-12-16

Member News for Ian Creasey, Paul Cook, Ed Greenwood, Robert Lowell Russell, Eric James Stone, David D. Levine, Eugie Foster, Ferrett Steinmetz, Karen Azinger, Brit Mandelo, Jay Lake, Jim C. Hines, Jody Lynn Nye, Laura Resnick, Jennifer Brozek, and Nancy Fulda.

Quick Updates for 2011-12-08

SFWA member @ferretthimself sold his story “In The Unlikely Event,” his preboarding spaceflight monologue, to Daily Science Fiction. # THE FLAME PRIEST, the second book of The Silk & Steel Saga by Karen Azinger, an SFWA member, is now published on Amazon and Barnes&Noble! #

Quick Updates for 2011-11-30

@geardrops @jaymgates The Nebula rules are here. # @geardrops @jaymgates Maybe a link on the front page that says "Nebula Awards: How to Vote and Rules?" # @geardrops @jaymgates The link sadly, is already there. Look in the menu under "Nebula Awards." It's the top item. #