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In Memoriam – Rachel Pollack

Rachel Pollack (17 August 1945 – 7 April 2023) was a prolific and groundbreaking comics and science fiction writer and world-renowned expert on the Tarot. She was known for a writing style that blended speculative fiction and spirituality, and her wide-ranging body of work included the revered tarot resource 78 Degrees Of Wisdom, the Arthur […]

SFWA Market Report – April 2023

Welcome to the April edition of the SFWA Market Report. Please note: Inclusion of any venue in this report does not indicate an official endorsement by SFWA. Those included on this list pay at least $0.08/word in at least one category of fiction. This compilation is not exhaustive of all publication opportunities that pay our recommended […]

Tighten Up Your Writing

by Juliet Kemp As writers, we all have our own strengths – and our own shortcomings. At the start of your writing career, you’re working on everything all the time; as you improve, you can identify your strengths and lean into them. But to level up and develop your career, it’s vital (if tough!) to […]

THE INDIE FILES: Writing Through Trauma

by J. Scott Coatsworth In the middle of 2022, I broke my arm. And not just a simple fracture—my orthopedic surgeon said it looked like it had exploded. Thus began a difficult (and still in progress) recovery. I won’t go into the gory details—suffice it to say that for about six weeks, I was unable […]

In Memoriam: John Jakes

John Jakes (31 March 1932 – 11 March 2023) was a prolific, best-selling author known for detailed and character-rich historical fiction, as well as science fiction, fantasy, sword and sorcery, pulp, mystery, and nonfiction. Realizing the inherent power of historical fiction as a source of information, Jakes was known to take the accuracy of his […]