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In Memoriam – Nick Wood

Nick Wood (1961–June 2023) was an author dedicated to writing science fiction for social change and promoting the visibility of science fiction written by Africans. Born in what is now Zambia, he also lived in the United States and Aotearoa New Zealand before taking residence in England. Wood was raised in and considered South Africa […]

Safety Dispatch: Author Safety for Small Events

by SFWA Safety Committee Small events can be some of the most rewarding experiences for an author. Signings, readings, classes, and panels offer an opportunity to connect directly with readers. They also offer some unique challenges when planning for safety. (Pack a towel for any reading in a bar, since it seems inevitable that beer […]

SFWA’s 3rd Silent Auction Is Now Open!

We’re holding our third annual online auction over the next week to support our advocacy for and professional development of creators working in the speculative fiction genres. This silent auction opens June 19 at 12 Noon Pacific Time (PT) and closes June 26 at 12 Noon PT. The auction website is here: https://www.biddingforgood.com/wbi/sfwaauction.  This year, […]

Current Statement on AI/ML Use

The Board of Directors of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) has been monitoring the rapidly evolving technological and legal landscape as it pertains to machine-generated works. We continue to hold conversations inside our organization, as evidenced by our recent call for posts that brought in a wide variety of important perspectives. Additionally, […]

SFWA Market Report – June 2023

Welcome to the June edition of the SFWA Market Report. Please note: Inclusion of any venue in this report does not indicate an official endorsement by SFWA. Those included on this list pay at least $0.08/word USD in at least one category of fiction. This compilation is not exhaustive of all publication opportunities that pay our […]

2023–2024 SFWA Board & Referendum Results

Effective July 1, 2023, the SFWA Board of Directors will be made up of the following members: Jeffe Kennedy, President  John Murphy, Vice President  Jasmine Gower, Secretary  Erin Hartshorn, Chief Financial Officer  Directors-at-Large Monica Valentinelli, Jordan Kurella, Christine Taylor-Butler, Chelsea Mueller, and Phoebe Barton Please join us in giving our thanks to the Directors who […]

What Does Slavic Fantasy Even Mean?

by Jelena Dunato When my publisher prepared the marketing strategy for my upcoming novel Dark Woods, Deep Water, one of the obvious labels proposed besides “fantasy” and “dark” was “Slavic.” It’s clear why—I’m Croatian; I’ve written a book featuring Morana, the Slavic Goddess of Death. And yet, this label caused me intense discomfort. It took […]

SFWA Awards the 2023 Givers Fund Grants

The Grants Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) has awarded 29 organizations, activities, and public interest programs with Givers Fund Grants. These micro-grants ranged from $165 to $4,235 each, for use for projects taking place in 2023. Givers Fund Grants are intended to aid projects that align with SFWA’s mission to […]

Romancing the B Story

By Holly Henderson Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes, in its author’s words, explains how to write a kissing book. But that’s not all it does. Hayes gives the recipe for adding romance to any plot, and the expansive worlds of science fiction and fantasy have plenty of room for a satisfying B story of […]