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Stories that Teach: Adventures on the Crossroads of Fiction and Non-fiction

by Alex Woolf

One trend that I think is likely to have more enduring appeal is narrative non-fiction (NNF): the blending of story elements with non-fiction. Typically, this involves the author inventing characters and a simple plot device, such as a journey. Along the way, the characters discover real-world information, be it about science, history or geography. The idea is that by employing narrative techniques such as characterization, dramatic tension, dialogue and atmosphere, the process of information acquisition is made a lot more compelling.

Military Logistics for Fantasy Writers

We all know ‘an army marches on its stomach,’ but it’s not like Napoleon discovered something new. Vegetius (De re militari) and Sun Tzu (The Art of War) were well aware of this concept, as was Alexander the Great (Engels, Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army, 1980). And it wasn’t news to them, either. Pre-modern military commanders knew this; they planned for this. They paid attention to logistics.

Fantasy writers should, too.

Writing While Parenting

by P.G. Galalis Here’s a ten-step guide to writing while parenting: 1. Make some coffee or tea. Head to your special writing place. Close the door and boot up your computer, put a fresh ribbon in the typewriter, or select the perfect pen and creamy paper for your current work in progress. Summon the muse. […]

On Keeping a List of All the Books I’ve Ever Read

by Dan Brotzel

I have a list of all the books I’ve ever read.

Well, not ever. But since 1993 at least.

It began with a red spiral-bound exercise book. At first, I didn’t just write the names and authors at first. I had pretensions of becoming a literary journalist and was ambitious enough at the time to think I would write a review of every book I wrote.