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What Does Slavic Fantasy Even Mean?

by Jelena Dunato When my publisher prepared the marketing strategy for my upcoming novel Dark Woods, Deep Water, one of the obvious labels proposed besides “fantasy” and “dark” was “Slavic.” It’s clear why—I’m Croatian; I’ve written a book featuring Morana, the Slavic Goddess of Death. And yet, this label caused me intense discomfort. It took […]

Romancing the B Story

By Holly Henderson Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes, in its author’s words, explains how to write a kissing book. But that’s not all it does. Hayes gives the recipe for adding romance to any plot, and the expansive worlds of science fiction and fantasy have plenty of room for a satisfying B story of […]

THE INDIE FILES: Author tips and tricks for selling on Amazon

By William C. Tracy Congrats! You’re an indie author! You’ve written a book, (hopefully) had critiques and edited it, put it all together, and thrown it up on Amazon. Time to watch the money roll in, right? Well, not exactly. Amazon books don’t sell themselves. Especially in these waning years of the golden indie author […]

The LGBTQ+ Speculative Experience

(Kind of like the Star Trek Experience—lots of diversity that some accept, some fight, and others never see) by Elle Ire Blog Series Mission To boldly explore the experiences of a variety of LGBTQ+ speculative fiction writers with regard to how they first came to spec. fic., how that may or may not have affected […]

SFWA Market Report – May 2023

Welcome to the May edition of the SFWA Market Report. Please note: Inclusion of any venue in this report does not indicate an official endorsement by SFWA. Those included on this list pay at least $0.08/word USD in at least one category of fiction. This compilation is not exhaustive of all publication opportunities that pay […]

Collaboration Tips For Comic Writers

by Ryan Breadinc If you’re not artistically inclined and want to write solely for graphic novels, going into the comic industry can feel daunting. However, collaboration can not only be an invaluable asset but a joy to participate in when you’re making comics. Many professional comic script writers don’t do their own art, and many […]

THE INDIE FILES: Bringing Back the Weird to Indie Publishing

by Rachel A. Rosen It’s a good time to be Weird. There’s a plethora of new titles and an explosion of microgenres targeted to specific tastes. Looking for post-capitalist solarpunk utopias? Poetic meditations on fungi? They’re out there. And the traditional publishing industry is—agonizingly slowly—platforming BIPOC, queer, and trans creators with unique lenses on our […]