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Grievance Committee

by John E. Johnston III, Chairman, Griefcom

“They promised to pay me, but when I asked for my money they just laughed at me.”

“They told her that they because of the current economic crisis that they were no longer obligated to pay her anything.”

“I would never have signed that contract if I had known that particular clause was in it.”

“You’re my only hope to be able to afford Christmas presents for my children this year.”

– various Griefcom emails

GRIEFCOM (as of February 2017)

John E. Johnston III, Chair
Lee Martindale, Senior Mediator
Anne Leonard, Junior Mediator
Michael Armstrong, Novel Griefer
Gary Kloster, Novel Shadow
Eric James Stone, Short Story Griefer
Paul Jackson, Short Story Shadow
Ian Watson, International Griefer
Dan Koboldt,  International Griefer shadow/TV & Movie Griefer

Griefcom, SFWA’s Grievance Committee, exists to help you, the SFWA member, when you encounter problems with your editor, publisher, agent, or other writing-related business associate. We’re the last resort before legal action, but we’re not the first resort. That would be you.

What to Do Before Contacting Griefcom

Cases Griefcom Will Not Handle

How to Contact Griefcom

Protecting Yourself, or How to Generally Avoid Ever Needing Griefcom

Griefcom and You