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Things to Ask Your Agent

by Eva Scalzo

There are things you want to be sure you’re asking beginning on that first call, when you’re trying to see if an agent will be a good fit for you

Defining Roles: Agents & Editors

by Alice Speilburg

At the pre-publication stage, as you’re drafting queries and sending off sample pages, an editor at a publishing house and a literary agent seem to serve the same purpose: to legitimize your claim as a professional author, and to set you on the path to publication.

Advice On Landing a Genre TV Lit Agent

For those interested in breaking into genre television writing, an agent is paramount. They are the gatekeepers into a very exclusive world with a limited number of buyers. Here are some useful tips to garner representation.

Model Agent-Author Agreement, Version 3.1

Traditionally, writers have worked with agents on the basis of a handshake.  SFWA has, however, long believed that writers need the protection of a written agreement.  The latest re-working of SFWA’s model agent agreement is more detailed than the previous version so it can address specific problems writers have had in recent years. Download Agreement […]

Opening a Vein: Agent Artery

Last week a literary agent contacted me on Twitter. “Ever heard of these folks?” she asked. “They’ve been spamming us all day.”

The link she gave me led to a service called Agent Artery.

New/Updated Alerts at Writer Beware: Literary Agent Uwe Luserke, SBPRA

In 1997, complaints began to surface about German literary agent Uwe Luserke, who was selling foreign rights to English-language short stories and novels and neglecting to pay the advances and royalties due to authors.

Writer Beware’s Alerts page has been updated.

NEW ALERT: Literary Agent Uwe Luserke

In 1997, complaints began to surface about German literary agent Uwe Luserke, who was selling foreign rights to Engli…