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Romance Writers Steering Committee (RSC)

The SFWA Romance Writers Steering Committee offers input and assistance in cultivating a career for authors who combine fantasy, science fiction, and romance in a way that encourages diversity, engagement, and quality.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Promoting the professional interests of romantic-SFF authors
  • Providing romantic-SFF author education on craft, business, and ethics
  • Fostering and nurturing community among romantic-SFF authors
  • Offering support, outreach, and resources to romantic-SFF authors struggling with inclusion in the SFF community at large

Our Current Initiatives

Romancing SFF SFWA Blog Series

This series launched on the SFWA Blog in March 2022 to provide multiple perspectives and tips on the role of romance in speculative storytelling. Several contributions to the series have been made thus far, and you can view them, and future installments,  here.

Romancing SFF Virtual Monthly Meetup

RSC hosts monthly community meetings with romantic-SFF SFWA members and Nebula Conference participants. Each meet-up has a speaker, a Q&A, and the opportunity to network and chat with other romantic-SFF authors. Click here for a list of all upcoming SFWA events and scroll down to the Romancing SFF Monthly MeetUp for details on the next one. The RSC is also actively seeking speakers! If you are interested in speaking, please contact the committee at romance@sfwa.org.

#Romantic-SFF SFWA Discord channel 

Check out the #romantic-SFF channel on the SFWA Discord. It’s a space to chat about all things romance, connect with the SFF romance community, and offer support to romance writers. To join the SFWA Discord, please email discord@sfwa.org. Only SFWA members may join.

Contact Us

The RSC exists to listen to the romantic-SFF author community, gather information and data to steer our committee’s direction, and advocate for the community’s needs, issues, and priorities. Please direct any questions and concerns to us at romance@sfwa.org.