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How do I upgrade my membership?

First of all, congratulations on making the sale!

To upgrade your membership, we’ll need you to complete the following form. If you are upgrading with a novel sale, minimum payment must be $2000.00 advance plus other criteria listed here. If you are qualifying to Active status with short stories, the payment for all three short stories must total $250.00 and meet other criteria listed here.

There is a $10.00 difference between Associate and Active status.  This can be paid via PayPal or check

Now, our PayPal address is office@sfwa.org. Checks can be sent to:

PO Box 3238
Enfield, CT 06083-3238

If you are close to your yearly renewal, once your upgrade is processed, the new renewal amount will show when you access your membership profile online as well!

Congratulations again!