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SFWA on Twitter

SFWA maintains two twitter accounts, @SFWA and @SFWAauthors.

The @SFWA account is for official business, including announcements of new blog posts and upcoming official events. Please note that @SFWA is not a reliable way to reach the Board of Directors: contact information for Board members is available here. The @SFWA account will add any members who’d like to participate to the list of SFWA members on Twitter. If you’d like to be added you can opt in by using the form below.

The @SFWAauthors account is use by the members of SFWA for publicity and such. This account is not an official voice of SFWA, and content is not screened before posting, although we do ask that participants follow the official guidelines given below. There are two ways to participate in the @SFWAauthors feed. The easy way is to sign up for the automatic blog feed aggregator. If you’d like to have your blog posts redistributed, please send your blog RSS feed address (or regular blog address if you don’t know what the RSS address is) using the form below. Only posts that are tagged #SFWApro somewhere in the title or body will be sent out, not everything that you post.

The second option, for non-bloggers or special events, is to write a tweet yourself, in the format:

Author Name: Description of something nifty. http://alink.here.com

including a link for more information, making sure to keep it under 140 characters, and use the form below to provide it. Emailed tweets aren’t sent out every day (usually a couple of times a week), but if it’s urgent that can often be accommodated.

Note that your twitter feed is not monitored: you can use the #SFWApro hashtag all you’d like, but nothing will happen. The only two ways to get a tweet onto @SFWAauthors are described above.

Report changes to your feed and send removal requests to twitter@sfwa.org.


The automation service we use, IFTTT.com, can be finicky about RSS feeds. If you tag a post with #SFWApro and it hasn’t shown up on twitter within an hour, the first thing to check is that your feed passes the W3C validator at http://validator.w3.org/feed/. If everything is fine, there are a few other things to try. Please email twitter@sfwa.org for assistance. Even after trying everything, a few feeds refuse to auto-post. Important information can be emailed in (see above).

@SFWAauthors guidelines

SFWA maintains the @SFWAauthors twitter feed to help spread the word about members’ blog posts about writing, fiction/reading (reviews, reading recommendations, etc), or publishing, or about their own writing or publishing news.

Not every blog post is appropriate for @SFWAauthors. If a post is not about writing, or about fiction or publishing, do not mark it for inclusion in the @SFWAauthors twitter feed. Repeated violations of this policy will be grounds for removal from the feed. SFWA reserves the right to determine what posts are appropriate.

Marking blog posts for inclusion that include threats or personal attacks or obvious trolling will also be grounds for removal.

While SFWA does maintain the @SFWAauthors twitter feed for the benefit of its members, ultimately the posts that appear in the feed are the responsibility of the authors of those posts, and are in no way endorsed by SFWA, nor do such posts reflect the opinions or policy of SFWA.