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THE INDIE FILES – An Indie Author’s Primer on Editors

By Kim Fielding Editor. That’s a term guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of nearly every writer. It’s terrifying to witness someone approach our beloved work with a critical, even clinical eye. Indie authors might feel especially fearful because the decisions about and costs of the editing process are entirely upon us, unlike with […]

Indie Pub 101: Author Websites

Author Websites is part of our Indie Pub 101 resource. This section covers the basics of creating your online website presence. Head here for the Indie Pub 101 main page. An Overview of Author Websites Do you need a website? If writing is a hobby for you, you probably don’t. But if you plan to […]

Indie Pub 101: Marketing the Book

 Marketing and Promotion is part of the Indie Pub 101 resource. This section primes authors for the daunting task of driving interested readers to their work. Visit the Indie Pub 101 main page here. Marketing and Promotion Many independently published authors will tell you that marketing is the hardest part. They know how to write a book, […]

Indie Pub 101 Main Page

Welcome to the home of SFWA’s Indie Pub 101! The resources that make up Indie Pub 101 were put together by SFWA’s Independent Authors Committee, drawing from their experiences across a wide range of independent publishing backgrounds. Indie Pub 101’s purpose is to provide up-to-date resources for indie authors so they can improve their craft, […]

Indie Pub 101: Sales Channels

Sales Channels is part of the Indie Pub 101 resource. This section walks authors through how and where to sell their product. Visit the Indie Pub 101 main page here. Vendors and Distributors As a self-published author, it is your responsibility to upload your book to one or more vendors and distributors. Vendors are your direct […]

Indie Pub 101: Making the Book

 Making the Book is part of the Indie Pub 101 resource. This section delves into the nuance of turning written text into an actual product. Visit the Indie Pub 101 main page here. Introduction to Making the Book Self-publishing is a long road filled with pitfalls, but also full of adventure and excitement! Fortunately, it’s not a […]

We Hope You’ll Remember SFWA this Giving Tuesday!

In the final months of 2023, as we reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and successes we’ve achieved this past year, our attention also turns towards 2024. But in order to plan and imagine our best paths possible as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we absolutely need your help this Giving Tuesday and we sincerely hope […]

Championing SFF Storytellers at 2,500 Members and Beyond!

Our membership numbers have steadily grown over the past decade, and we’re excited to announce that this year, SFWA has reached over 2,500 members! We hope you’ll celebrate this exciting milestone with us, as it demonstrates not only growth in our organization, but also touches upon what it truly means to be a SFWA member.  […]

SFWA October 2022 SciFi StoryBundle Submission Call: Full Guidelines

The SFWA Independent Authors Committee is seeking novel submissions for our science fiction StoryBundle to be released next spring. Submissions will be accepted through October 31, 2022, at 11:59pm Eastern Time. This is a great chance for independent and small press authors to gain more exposure and sell more books. We welcome submissions of indie […]