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Page updated/links checked:12/3/23 Submitting to a Small Press: Issues to Consider Evaluating a Small Press Hybrid Publishers Vanity Publishers in Small Press Clothing A Special Warning: Solicitation by Publishing and Marketing Scams Resources Small presses offer an important alternative to the Big 5 publishers (Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, etc.) and larger independents (Sourcebooks, Kensington, etc.), most […]


Page updated/links checked: 11/25/23 Overview: The Evolution of Self-Publishing Issues to Consider The Challenges of Print Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing? Bad Reasons to Choose Self-Publishing Cautions A Special Warning: Publishing/Marketing/Fake Literary Agency Scams Resources Overview: The Evolution of Self-Publishing * Until relatively recently, if you wanted to self-publish, you faced a labor-intensive and costly process. […]