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Coalition of Eleven Book Industry Associations Launch Official Book Industry Health Insurance Partnership (BIHIP)

Today, a coalition of eleven book industry associations, including Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), launched the official Book Industry Health Insurance Partnership (BIHIP), an alliance with Lighthouse Insurance Group (LIG) Solutions designed to provide members from across the associations with a choice of health insurance options. As of August 2020, official BIHIP […]

POC in Publishing Looking for POC Mentors

POC in Publishing is looking for POC to volunteer as mentors for the next iteration of their mentorship program for 2021, particularly in the following fields in the industry: editorial, agenting/scouting, marketing, publicity, and art/design. Each mentorship will be between one mentor and one mentee who is either already working in the same general facet of publishing as the mentor, […]

How to Ask for Things

by Cat Rambo,

I’ve talked about how to work with a mentor previously, so I wanted to follow-up on that by talking about something that overlaps a bit with that: asking for favors.

SFWA Help Desk

The SFWA Help Desk aims to answer questions about the craft and business of writing, and about Novels, YA Novels, Short Fiction, Poetry, Self-publishing, Graphic Novels and Comics, Game Writing, Screenplays, History of SF, History of SFWA, Agents, Promotion/Marketing. Knowing how to do research is a crucial skill for success as a writer. The best […]

Model Reversion Clause, Version 1.1

As part of its ongoing efforts to educate writers about publishing contracts, the Contracts Committee periodically writes new model contracts and contract clauses.   We have now done so for book reversion clauses.  Address comments or suggestions to the Chair, SFWA Contracts Committee at: The model reversion clause is based on work done by SFWA’s […]

2020 Nebula Conference Panels, a Sneak Peek!

Looking forward to the 2020 Nebula Conference? We are, too! To whet your appetite, our programming team has prepared a sample of panels you can look forward to in May. Though these items are neither comprehensive nor final, they represent the well-rounded, professional experience we’re aiming for. If you’re inspired to contribute, please submit your […]

Seven Ways to Grow Your Resilience as a Writer

by Alex Woolf

No one enjoys being rejected. Writers, who are often a touch more sensitive than the average bear, may feel the sting even more acutely. Which is unfortunate, as the daily work of the writer involves rejection on an almost continuous basis.

Good for Your Career? Evaluating Events for Writers

by Catherine Lundoff

“You should go to this – it’ll be good for your career” is a phrase that you’ll hear more than once as you start getting published. The phrase gets applied to conventions, conferences, writing workshops, book festivals and classes, just to name a few things. The “good for your career part” can refer to networking opportunities, the chance to meet editors and agents, some opportunity to gain new readership like doing a reading or being on a panel, or honing your craft.