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ROMANCING SFF: “So, How’s Your Love Life?” and Other Questions to Ask Your Characters

By Katherine Garcia Ley We’ve all seen them: the thirty pages of interview questions you should ask your characters. The analytical texts on astrological signs. The “ultimate of ultimate” tools offering twenty-some Enneagrams for character development. All these resources are fantastic. Heck, I use them, and they’re amazing. I’m a list-loving personality theory hoarder. These […]

ROMANCING SFF: 5 Ways Fighting and Kissing Scenes Are the Same

By Chelsea Mueller There’s significant power in fighting and kissing scenes. When done well, they’re often reader favorites. Look at how readers talk about stories with excellent fights or swoonworthy sex, and you’ll see them call out these scenes specifically. In books that bring violence and romance to the page well, readers may even praise […]

ROMANCING SFF: Why Romance Should Be Part of Your Worldbuilding

by R. K. Thorne Worldbuilding is a fun aspect of writing fantasy and science fiction. It is so tempting to get lost in drawing maps, hoarding pictures, plotting lineages, or researching how that awesome weapon system could actually work. Our efforts often focus on geography, history, and politics. But part of worldbuilding should be envisioning […]

ROMANCING SFF: The Power of Romance

By Jeffe Kennedy In interviews, I’m often asked how I ended up writing a blend of fantasy and romance. It’s become a more frequent question, in fact, in the year since I’ve been president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). It’s a subject of well-intended curiosity in most cases, why I’m […]

Romancing SFF: When Making the Connection Makes the Book

By Claire Davon I blame my reading habits on Dragonflight. I’ve been a reader all my life, fueled by a wide collection of available books in the family home, coupled with repeated visits to the library. Though I started with the Nancy Drew series and mysteries, once I discovered science fiction and fantasy, I pivoted. […]

Championing SFF Storytellers at 2,500 Members and Beyond!

Our membership numbers have steadily grown over the past decade, and we’re excited to announce that this year, SFWA has reached over 2,500 members! We hope you’ll celebrate this exciting milestone with us, as it demonstrates not only growth in our organization, but also touches upon what it truly means to be a SFWA member.  […]

ROMANCING SCI-FI & FANTASY: I See Romance … Everywhere!

By Alexia Chantel Editor’s Note: This is the first installment in a new SFWA Blog series, Romancing Sci-Fi & Fantasy, from our Romance Committee! Expect new posts in this series in the coming months. Science fiction and fantasy (SFF) are epic magpies. Our genres borrow bits and pieces from all the other ones and add […]

We Hope You’ll Remember SFWA this Giving Tuesday!

In the final months of 2023, as we reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and successes we’ve achieved this past year, our attention also turns towards 2024. But in order to plan and imagine our best paths possible as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we absolutely need your help this Giving Tuesday and we sincerely hope […]

The Ongoing 2023 Nebula Conference!

Each year since 2020, our Nebula Conferences have launched over the conference weekend, but they continue online all year long with plenty of great professional development and networking opportunities open to SFWA members and nonmembers alike. And what’s better? The ongoing 2023 Nebula Conference registration price has just been reduced to $75! What does that […]