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SFWA Committees

Contracts Committee

The Contracts Committee leads SFWA discussion regarding contract terms and provides support for the contracts repository and other resources related to contracts. Jim Fiscus (Chair) , Ginjer Buchanan, Michael Capobianco, Jeff Heche, H. Paul Honsigner, Ken Liu, and Michael Stackpole, with Lee Martindale (Board Liaison).

Copyright Committee

The Copyright Committee leads SFWA discussion and action on copyright and related matters. Its members are Jim Fiscus (Chair) , Michael Capobianco, Cory Doctorow (Advisor), Ken Liu, Elizabeth Moon, C.E. Petit (Advisor), Jerry Pournelle (Advisor), Rosemary Claire Smith, Lynne Thomas, Emily Mah Tippetts (Advisor).

Education Committee

The Education Committee oversees the SFWA Education Program, which is being developed to offer a wide variety of classes for members and non-members alike. The current members are Jonathan Brazee (Chair) and Crystal Watanabe.

Election Committee

The Election Committee oversees SFWA internal elections. Its members are Fran Wilde (Chair), Kate Baker (Advisor), and Mary Robinette Kowal, with Cat Rambo (Board Liaison).

EMF Committee

The  Emergency Medical Fund Committee oversees the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. Committee members consist of Lou Berger,  Jerry Pournelle (Advisor), Robert Silverberg (Advisor), Cat Rambo, and Connie Willis, with Bud Sparhawk (Board liaison).

Financial Review Committee

A committee to give advice to the CFO on fiduciary matters concerning the organization. Michael Capobianco, C.C. Finlay, Natalie Luhrs, and Eric James Stone, with Bud Sparhawk (Board Liaison).

Game Writing Committee

Jennifer Brozek, Steve Jackson, Richard Dansky, Rosemary Jones, Noah Falstein, and Jim Johnson with Matthew Johnson (Board Liaison).

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee investigates and acts on member complaints. Its members are  John E. Johnston III (Chair), Michael Armstrong (novels), Michael Capobianco (special projects), Ron Montana (TV/film), Eric James Stone (short fiction), and Ian Watson (foreign publishers).

Legal Affairs Committee

Jim Fiscus (Chair) and Michael Capobianco

Membership  Credentials Committee

The Membership Credentials Committee currently consists of  the active SFWA Board. Cat Rambo (Chair), Kate Baker (Executive Director – Advisor), Erin Hartshorn, Bud Sparhawk, Curtis Chen, Sarah Pinsker, Jeffe Kennedy, Andy Duncan, John P. Murphy.

Membership Retention Committee

The membership retention committee will help to develop and revise annual membership recruitment and retention while best responding to existing member’s needs. This committee currently consists of:  Bishop O’Connell, Erin Hartshorn, and Kate Baker (Advisor), with Cat Rambo ( Board Liaison).

Ombudsman Committee

The ombudsman is an alternate means of communication with the SFWA Board and offices. Anonymity is assured and your communications are confidential. The current Ombudsman is Gay Haldeman and can reached at Ombusdman@sfwa.org.

Orphan Works Committee

Jim Fiscus (Chair), Andrew Burt (Advisor), Michael Capobianco, Eric Flint (Advisor), H. Paul Honsinger, Elizabeth Moon, C.E. Petite (Advisor), Jerry Pournelle (Advisor), Charles Stross (Advisor), Lynne Thomas, and Gordon Van Gelder (Advisor).

Self-publishing Committee

The Self-Publishing Committee leads SFWA discussion and action on self-publishing matters. Its members are Matthew Johnson (Chair), Matthew Bennardo, AnneMarie Buhl, Maggie Hogarth, Hugh Howey, and Jim Johnson.

SFWA Awards Rules Committee

The SFWA Awards Rules Committee deals with the Nebula, Norton, and other SFWA awards):  Terra LeMay (Nebula Awards Commissioner), Jeff Carver, Jim Kelly, and Connie Willis with Cat Rambo (Board Liaison).

Short Fiction Committee

The Short Fiction Committee leads SFWA discussion and action on short fiction (story, novelette, novella) matters. Its members are John P.Murphy (Chair), J.W. Alden, Stewart Baker, Helena Bell,  A.T. Greenblatt, and Marguerite Kenner.

Writing Scams Committee

The Writing Scams Committee looks to identify and warn members of scams through mechanisms such as Writer Beware. Its members are Victoria Strauss (Chair), Michael Capobianco, and Richard White.

last updated 2/18/2019