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SFWA Committees

Accessibility/Disability Committee

Jill Nojack, Lee Martindale, Day Al-Mohamed, Katherine Duckett, Ace Ratcliff, and Elsa Sjunneson-Henry (Chair).

Anthology Committee

John Joseph Adams, Catherine Asaro, Jennifer Brozek, Alex Shvartsman, John Helfers (Chair), Seanan McGuire, Robert Silverberg.

Contracts Committee

The Contracts Committee leads SFWA discussion regarding contract terms. The Committee prepares model contracts, issues alert about dangerous contract terms, and researches other general information on contracts. Jim Fiscus (Chair), Michael Capobianco, Ginjer Buchanan, Jeff Hecht, Ken Liu (Advisor), Anne Leonard, Victoria Strauss (Advisor), Rosemary Claire Smith.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

The DEI Committee leads SFWA discussion regarding DEI policy for SFWA, increasing SFWA membership with marginalized and/or underrepresented communities, and improving SFWA’s diversity and inclusion to ensure new voices are seen and heard. The current members are James Beamon (Chair), Alaya Dawn Johnson, Alex Acks, Crystal Watanabe, Jane Pinckard, Kyle Aisteach, Michi Trota, Tao Roung Wong, Whitney “Strix” Beltrán.

Education Committee

The Education Committee oversees the SFWA Education Program, which is being developed to offer a wide variety of classes for members and non-members alike. The current members are Jonathan Brazee (Chair), Caren Gussoff, Laura Kemmerer, Stel Pavlou and Crystal Watanabe.

Election Committee

The Election Committee oversees SFWA internal elections. Its members are Maurice Broaddus, Matthew Johnson (Chair), Peng Shepherd, and Kate Baker (Advisor).

EMF Committee

The  Emergency Medical Fund Committee oversees the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund.

Estates Committee

Mishell Baker (Chair) and Michael Capobianco (Advisor).

Featured Books, Featured Authors

Michael Payne, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley.

Financial Advisory Committee

A committee to give advice to the CFO on fiduciary matters concerning the organization. Michael Capobianco, Bud Sparhawk, C.C. Finlay, Natalie Luhrs, Ralph M. Ambrose, Glynn Stewart, Andrea Pawley, Michael J. Martinez, Oz Drummond (Chair), and Sonja Thomas.

Fundraising Committee

Oz Drummond and Katrina S. Forest.

Game Writing Committee

Monica Valentinelli, Andrew Plotkin, Erin Roberts, Stewart Baker, Andrew G. Schneider (Chair).

Grants Committee

Lou Berger (Chair), Jessica Reisman, Nancy Schrock

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee investigates and acts on member complaints. Its members are  John E. Johnston III (Chair), Lee Martindale, Michael A. Armstrong, Michael Capobianco, Cat Rambo, Emily Mah Tippetts, Dan Kobolt.

Healthcare Committee

Michael Damian Thomas (Chair), Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Sarah Pinsker, Mary Robinette Kowal.

Legal Affairs Committee

The Legal Affairs Committee is the successor to older committees that posted comments to the Copyright Office on orphan works and other issues and responded to requests from the House Judiciary Committee for comments on copyright law. The Committee continues to respond to requests for comments and monitor legal issues affecting writers. Its members are: Michael Capobianco (Co-Chair), Jim Fiscus (Co-Chair), Rosemary Claire Smith, Anne Leonard, Elizabeth Moon, Jeff Hecht, H. Paul Honsinger (Advisor) and Gordon Van Gelder (Advisor).

Bud Webster Memorial Legacy Committee

Jean Marie Ward (Chair), Erin Wilcox

Membership  Credentials Committee

The Membership Credentials Committee currently consists of  the active SFWA Board. Mary Robinette Kowal (Chair), Kate Baker (Executive Director – Advisor), Tobias Buckell, Nathan Lowell, Curtis Chen, Sarah Pinsker, Jeffe Kennedy, James Beamon, Phoebe Barton, and Monica Valentinelli.

Ombudsman Committee

The ombudsman is an alternate means of communication with the SFWA Board and officers. Anonymity is assured and your communications are confidential. The current Ombudsman is Gay Haldeman and can reached at Ombusdman@sfwa.org.

Middle Grade & Young Adult Authors SIG Steering Committee

Jenn Reese (Chair), Eugene Myers, Jeff Seymour.

Nebula Conference Steering Committee

Kate Baker (Executive Director), Terra LeMay (Deputy Executive Director), Steven H Silver (Event Coordinator), Colin Coyle (A/V Tech Coordinator), Beth Dawkins (Volunteer Coordinator), Kellan Szpara (Programming – Vision), Peng Shepherd (Programming – Logistics), and Erin Roberts (Programming – Communications).

Self-publishing Committee

The Self-Publishing Committee leads SFWA discussion and action on self-publishing matters. Its members are Amy DuBoff, Lee French, Daniel Potter (Chair), and Charles Lamb.

SFWA Awards Rules Committee

The SFWA Awards Rules Committee administers the Nebula Awards, including the Bradbury and Norton Awards. Jim Hosek (Nebula Awards Commissioner), Sarah Grey (Assistant to the NAC), Stewart C. Baker (Assistant to the NAC for Game Writing), Jeffrey Carver (Chair), James Patrick Kelly, and Connie Willis, with Terra LeMay (Deputy Executive Director – Advisor).

Short Fiction Committee

The Short Fiction Committee leads SFWA discussion and action on short fiction (story, novelette, novella) matters. Its members are John P.Murphy (Chair), Helena Bell, A.T. Greenblatt, Stewart Baker, and Marguerite Kenner.

Volunteer Coordinators

Beth Dawkins (Volunteer Coordinator), Emily Liu (Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator).

Writing Scams Committee

The Writing Scams Committee looks to identify and warn members of scams through mechanisms such as Writer Beware®. Its members are Victoria Strauss (Chair), Richard C. White, and Michael Capobianco.

last updated 2/5/2020

Professional Education

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Legal Affairs Committee

Statements of Interest SFWA is a nonprofit membership organization of over 1,800 commercially published writers of science fiction, fantasy, and related works. Its membership includes writers of both stand-alone works and short fiction published with other works. SFWA is not a subsidiary of any other entity, and is entirely owned by its membership. SFWA has […]

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Contracts Committee

As directed by the SFWA Board, the purpose of the Contracts Committee is to: Update and maintain the existing SFWA contract templates; Work to develop and maintain a repository of sample contracts and contract-related information; Work to educate members about contract language and recommendations; Work to help SFWA and its members answer contract related questions […]

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Grievance Committee

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